Love is love

September 24, 2012

One of our clients :D
Today, we attended LGBT flash-mob. 

Have you ever heard about LGBT flash-mob? This is an event organized and sponsored by Vietnam's Institute for Social, Economic and Environment (iSee) to support  the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community  in Vietnam. LGBT flash mob's slogan is "Love is Love" - love with no discrimination. Everyone deserves to be loved and is equal in love no matter what their gender and race are, and whether they are invalids or normal persons. It's so warm and amiable as every one shares the same feelings and a single message that "let's share and spread sincere love, you will see how wonderful life is, how "love is love" is".

There were about 100 people attending the flash-mob and many others as supporters. With 2 weeks of preparation and practice, we had a successful event. We had a lot of fun and met many new friends as well. The event made our life more meaningful as we can do something for our community, spread our love and strive for others' love. It also "moves" our routine life and gives it more "spice".
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