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September 11, 2012

This is the period for promoting our shops. It takes time,I swear.... :)
I must join all the social media, such as facebook, twiter, linkedin, pinterest.
Nearly one months passed by with 1500 view but no sales. :))
"No" that means "not yet" but not "never"  :))
I think right?

So, for next time Things to do is:
  • ·  gain more traffic
  • ·  lead to more sales
  • ·  build my brand
  • ·  build relationships and interact with mycustomers outside of Etsy
  • ·  increase my Google rank
  • ·  create more time to be creative!
  • ·  create more time for my customers

Our spirit is hot like Autumn fire so allez!!!!!! 


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